Get up to speed with core cujoJS concepts quickly. Each tutorial consists of discrete lessons that teach just what you need to know in order to be productive. You can jump in and out of tutorials, without reading them in sequence, although each one does build on concepts from earlier tutorials. If a concept is not familiar, go back and cover earlier material first.

Learning modules

Modules are the cornerstone of cujoJS. They allow you to divide your application into manageable chunks that can be shared and reused. Just as importantly, you can consume modules that others have published.

These tutorials cover module basics, including two popular module formats and how to load modules by their identifier.

Learning promises

JavaScript is fundamentally asynchronous. Managing the asynchrony can range from annoying to maddening. Promises provide a common abstraction for managing the values returned from asynchronous functions. These tutorials cover the basics of consuming and creating promises.

Async programming

Managing asynchronous operations is a necessity when working in JavaScript, and it can be messy business, especially when it comes to error handling.

This lesson covers asynchronous error handling pitfalls, and shows how promises can provide familiar synchronous programming patterns for asynchronous operations.

Learning AOP

Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) is a technique for augmenting the behavior of objects, methods, and functions non-invasively. AOP allows you to add new behaviors and to combine and modify existing behaviors "from the outside".