cujoJS is taking off! We've always felt that there was a need for better architectural tools in JavaScript. Obviously, we are not alone. It seems like we make new friends every day: developers from all over the JavaScript community continually reach out to thank us for bringing sanity to their code -- and their life.

These same folks knock us for our lack of a real web presence as well as our scant educational materials. We're happy to announce we're beefing up!

We migrated from a vanilla github-pages site to a real web app. Notice I didn't say "web page". Yes, it is an actual application with unit tests and everything. Can that other framework claim the same? "Tests? How do I write tests for this?"

Kudos to Brian Cavalier who single-handedly wrote the JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and tests for the pages. Of course, Brian says it was all a piece of cake since he used cujoJS/seed. There's lots to learn from the source code.

Kudos also to Craig Walls who contributed the Contacts sample app on the home page. This is Craig's first cujoJS app! He created it using cujoJS/seed.

Aside from the fresh new look of, our inner engineers are also quite proud of its underlying architecture. We'll do a follow-up post describing why -- the app -- is so awesome.

Read the cujoJS manifesto to see what motivates us. If you feel similarly, consider joining us!

know cujoJS

If you're reading this on the web, you're already witnessing the new cujoJS developer center, This is the place to go to know more about cujoJS and it's underlying concepts and technologies. There are links to downloads, documentation, and sample apps, and we're adding illuminating tutorials and timely blog posts all the time.

We recently received unprompted praise from an experienced technical trainer who declared that the tutorials about JavaScript modules are the best on the web!

know cujoJS exists thanks to the diligent efforts of Scott Andrews who created the entire site using DocPad and even wrote many of the initial tutorials.

How are we doing?

We would absolutely love your feedback on both and! Please open a github issue with problems or praise here ( or here (!